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Professional GPS system for boats tracking

Vessels tracking – Stay connected with your boat 24/7.

The GPS Marine vessel tracking system allows you to fully control your boat via mobile or desktop apps!

Vessels Tracking with advanced capabilities

vessels tracking position


GPS history for boats


GPS routes for boats


vessels tracking| sensor data


battery voltage on board


alarm event on board


Professional devices for GPS vessels tracking

GPS device for vessel tracking

Basic features

  • Basic features
  • Real-time positions
  • Complete position history
  • Alarms on email or SMS
  • Sensors
  • Communication and image exchange
  • Zones and markers
  • Battery condition on board
  • Boat impact detection
  • Boat displacement detection while standing at berth
  • The tilt of the boat
sim card for vessels tracking

SIM card with data traffic for European Union is included in the subscription price! | vessels tracking

All packages include data traffic in the European Union. Data traffic within the package is unlimited for the purpose of boat tracking.

Available Add-ons | vessels tracking

Option: bilge pump

Ignition of the bilge pump on board is detected. Detection can be controlled by time frame or location frame. This means that the alarm will only be sent if the onboard bilge pump starts within the specified time frame or location frame, or both.

Option: remote control of the engine on board

Allows you to control the operation of the engine onboard in terms of: on / off. This option is especially interesting if boats are rented. It is possible to immediately switch off the engine onboard or disable the restart of the engine onboard.

Option: fire detection

Notification by e-mail or SMS in case of fire on board. An additional sensor must be connected to the GPS tracking device to use this option.

Option: door sensor

Notification in case of unauthorized entry into the cabin of the ship. It can be controlled according to time frame or location rules. Email or SMS notification. An additional sensor is required to use the option.

Option: alarm siren

Activation of the alarm siren on board in case of a dangerous event. Activation of the alarm siren is possible automatically (in case of fire on the ship, burglary, etc.), or it is possible to activate remotely from a mobile or web application.

Option: communication

An additional mobile application allows you to communicate between the ship and the center and exchange documents, pictures and send an emergency SOS alarm.

Option: SMS alarms

Use of SMS alarm when notifying of any undesirable events (fire on board, displacement of the ship at berth, ship tilt, burglary, bilge pump activation, etc.). Possibility to choose the SMS operator according to your wishes.

For GPS tracking of all types of vessels

motor boats GPS tracking

Motor boats

fishing boats GPS tracking

Fishing boats

sailboats GPS tracking


rubber boats GPS tracking

Rubber boats

GPS tracking for yachts


Real-time positions with complete history boats tracking | vessels tracking

Gps Marine vessel tracking system allows you to find out the exact position of your vessel at any time on your desktop or mobile device. Also allows you to have an insight into the history of the vessel’s movement from the moment you start using the Gps Marine system.

  • Exact positions in real-time
  • Overview of historical positions
  • Overview of historical routes
  • View events with locations
  • Marking of dangerous places
  • Navigation area control
vessels tracking GPS system

Your boat in the palm of your hand | vessels tracking

Through the mobile applications for ANDROID OS and iOS, have an insight into the parameters of your boat from anywhere.

View and control at any time:

  • geographical location,
  • the voltage on marine batteries, the status of bilge pump (see additional options), etc .;
  • route history with spatial and sensor data,
  • remote control of sensors onboard.
Google play | praćenje plovila
App store| praćenje plovila

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Alarm from the right place at the right time | vessels tracking

Receive an alarm at the time the event occurred and respond immediately.

  • Email alarms
  • SMS alarms
  • Pop-up notifications
  • Sound alarm
  • Graphic notifications on the map
  • Ability to automatically control the sensor on the triggered alarm rule.
alarms from sensor data | vessels tracking

Follow the vessel within the zones and at the given locations | vessels tracking

  • Entering a zone or place,
  • Leaving a zone or location,
  • Time spent in the zone or on location,
  • Mark dangerous places on the map and be informed.

Battery condition on board

Monitor the condition of the battery on board with an intuitive graphical display and be notified if the battery voltage falls below the allowable voltage. In case of emergency receive SMS or Email.

control of battery on board

Displacement of the ship at berth

Any dangerous action on your vessel will be reported to you immediately. If an accident has occurred, the alert gives you the advantage to react immediately and prevent or reduce the consequences of the accident.

displacemenet of the vessel at berth

Bilge pump operation control

If the bilge pump is switched on on the vessel at an unauthorized time or at a location you have specified, the event will be automatically notified to you by email or SMS.

Vessel fire detection

If a fire breaks out on the boat, you will be automatically notified by email or SMS. This can give you enough time to react and prevent a major disaster.

Remote blocking of engine operation onboard | vessels tracking

In case of boat theft, react quickly, and turn off the engine on the boat via a mobile or desktop application. Blocking the engine on the boat will give you enough time to react and save your boat from theft. If you are renting a boat, then the loss of the boat within the season is a great loss not only in the value of the boat itself but also in terms of loss of operating income during the season.

You can automate the blockage by defining a default zone within which the vessel can move, at each exit from the zone the vessel’s engine will be blocked.

remote engine control | vessel tracking

Door sensor for vessels tracking

Prevent any unauthorized entry into the vessel within the specified time or at the specified location.

door sensors for vessels tracking

Option to receive alarms via SMS

The SMS alarms option gives you the option of receiving alarms via SMS.

You can independently rent an SMS package to send an SMS alarm and use it within the application. The integration of the desired SMS operator into your user account is included in the price of the option

Remote alarm activation and communication for vessels tracking

Sound alarm activation

In the event of any dangerous situation, remotely activate the audible signal on the vessel via a mobile or desktop vessel monitoring application. You also have the option of automatic activation according to the default rule.

Communication and image exchange

Communicate with the vessel’s crew directly from the system, save the communication history, and have an insight into all communication by individual vessel. Enable quick information exchange with a picture message.

How and where to install the equipment for vessels tracking?

We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to install different types of equipment according to your needs.

You don’t need to have any concerns because any professional person who maintains your boat or fleet, will know how to mount GPS devices and sensors, according to our detailed instructions.

installing of GPS equipment in vessels

WiFi for ships

WiFi onboard services enable you to enhance the level of service for your clients.

WiFi options include data packages for:

  • Croatia, including Croatian territorial waters.

GPS Marine is available in languages

united-kingdom vessel tracking
germany vessel tracking
france vessel tracking
spain vessel tracking
italy vessel tracking
croatia vessel tracking

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